Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Day After

We had our Christmas miracles, yesterday.  I picked LuAnn up at Dayton International and we were home by 4 PM.  She said don't ever let anyone kid you that travel is less on Christmas Day.  She said Denver was a zoo and they couldn't take off in time because they had to have a second stewardess to fly and she had been stuck in Toronto this week because of the ice storm.  She finally got to Regina and down to Denver but she couldn't clear customs.  The flight was almost cancelled over that!  When the gal finally got through she got a standing ovation!

We had 11 of the 12 grand children playing in our house last night for Christmas.  I got to hold Emily Elizabeth the night before.  It was truly wonderful, a sight to behold.  They loved their gift and played and played and played.  Robots and zombies chased each other through this 1880 farm house.  Our girls put out a fabulous spread of food the kids actually ate.  I just found a half eaten mozzarella stick in my chair.  Half eaten apples were strewn all over the house.

When I walked into my office beside the living room I found curtains missing.  I couldn't type, my keyboard was dead.  The little monkeys took the batteries out of my keyboard!  Grandpa forget to buy a big supply of batteries for many of those gifts and these little guys know how to improvise!

I couldn't be happier.  Zach called and Tom had a great day yesterday.  His voice went from a whisper to that booming voice we all recognize.  We ask for prayers for LuAnn's brother Tom who was diagnosed with lymphoma of cerebral part of his brain.  A true Christmas miracle happened in our family for sure yesterday.  It reminded me of dad's last good day on this earth, Christmas 2000.  LuAnn and I drove from Buffalo New York to Sardinia, Ohio that day for that Christmas miracle.  We had his service two weeks later.

LuAnn is still purring in our big bed.  The sun is bright but she is worn out.  I am thankful for what we got to enjoy together as a family yesterday.

It was our Christmas miracle.  I hope you had one, too.

Ed Winkle
The picture is 2010.  Things have really changed since then.  I will post newer pictures when I find my batteries.:)

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