Monday, December 30, 2013

Seed Quality

Many readers wonder why I harp on seed quality so much.  Here is a list of links to posts I've made on Crop Talk regarding seed quality.

Benefits of using quality seeds
1. They are genetically pure (true to type).
2. The good quality seed has high return per unit area as the genetic potentiality of the crop can be fully exploited.
3. Less infestation of land with weed seed/other crop seeds.
4. Less disease and insect problem.
5. Minimization of seed/seedling rate i.e., fast and uniform emergence of seedling.
6. They are vigorous, free from pests and disease.
7. They can be adopted themselves for extreme climatic condition and cropping system of the location.
8. The quality seed respond well to the applied fertilizers and nutrients.
9. Uniform in plant population and maturity.
10. Crop raised with quality seed are aesthetically pleasing.
11. Good seed prolongs life of a variety.
12. Yield prediction is very easy.
13. Handling in post-harvest operation will be easy.
14. Preparations of finished products are also better.
15. High produce value and their marketability.
 The problem is that many people do not understand these 15 items.  They may not know how to seek out the highest quality seed for their farm.  I have planted seed since I was able to walk.  I have looked at, tested and planted seeds all my life.  I've been a certified seed inspector since 1985.  I've met the best seedsmen in the business and I look for quality, not quantity, traits or what every one else plants.  I am very picky about my seed.  How and where my seed was produced and handled is extremely important to me.  The same corn pedigree varies significantly from company to company because of this.
I can usually pick out good seed by opening a bag and inspecting it.  I've never seen poor seed meet those 15 criteria.  Can you identify good seed?  Do you trust your seedsman to deliver the very best seed for your farm?

Ed Winkle

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