Friday, November 25, 2011


"The turkey got stuffed, now we are." That's what one of my soil consultant friends tweeted yesterday. LuAnn stuffed ours with apple and celery and it stayed very moist. All I know is an 18 pound turkey is gone.

It was a good day to just rest, eat and talk. I think LuAnn finally had a turkey day she didn't go to bed exhausted. We finally paced ourselves a little better.

I wonder who is out shopping while I am writing this? Some of our kids were going to but we did not participate. That is one activity I have never taken part of. There are a few items I would like to see at the Equipment Superstore and Tractor Supply today but it is no big deal if I don't.

Tractor supply doesn't get very high ratings among farmers anymore. They have become the "dog and pony show" amongst farmers. The Cafe had a discussion on that very thing this week. Farmers can't buy much of the things they really need at TSC anymore.

A friend at the Cafe told his Thanksgiving story of where he was 43 years ago near Saigon during the Viet Nam War. Another friend asked if all the subsoil drainage tile being put in across the midwest would decrease the water in our tributaries. It is a lively discussion and just goes opposite of what I believe.

Tomorrow the kids and grandkids come for a non traditional Thanksgiving Feast of chicken shishkabobs and ribs on a grill. I am have the last blast of summer grilling before winter since the weather this year was so fickle.

So I will be heading off to Sam's Meats this morning to pick up some fresh ribs and chicken while LuAnn goes Krogering. I am out of pink grapefruit for breakfast. I think I have eaten 6 half gallons of grapefruit this month. There are about 10 whole grapefruit in one Del Monte half gallon of fruit and juice.

It's 40 degrees this morning so I think it is going to warm up and rain again. More water we don't need now but will need in August.


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