Wednesday, November 16, 2011


We went to Brynn's Fall Preschool Program last night. Once again, the auditorium of the biggest church in Wilmington was packed. There is one larger, a mammoth church just outside city limits.

The little ones were all dressed by class as Indians, Pilmgrims or Turkeys. It was a pretty cute program and I think every person came out happier than they went in which is really good for any get together.

They got every one to sing words off the screen to My God to the tune of My Girl by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles. The whole program couldn't have come off any smoother and I am sure the teachers and children are talking about it this morning.

I was looking over rebate programs for bundling agricultural products we farmers use. Does anyone like rebates? I don't think I have ever met anyone who does. They always seem to want to bundle some product I don't use but occasionally they do.

I probably bought enough products the last three years to get rebates but I really never paid much attention to them. I have enough difficulty just focusing on the big picture of making a profit by raising good crops and rebates just destract me from that.

Still, I am looking as $250 here and $250 there soon add up to real money. Once again the big picture in farming is marketing and anyone who didn't sell some corn and beans the day they were $7.11 and $14.22 this fall really missed out on some sales. It seems like you never have enough to sell on those kinds of days.

I am also narrowing down my corn hybrids for next spring. I can get one pedigree I want with the seed treatment I need for under $150 per unit. I need at least three and want no more than five different hybrids to deal with.

One larger farmer/retailer I know is closer to $100 a bag so again quantity matters.

It's hard to plan and focus though when you still have crop in the field.

So it is in farming.


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