Tuesday, November 8, 2011

NoTill and Biology

A college student emailed for permission to use my picture of the Mr. Young NoTill plaque that stands in Kentucky. It is amazing how the Internet and blogging has changed the exchange of information.

A farmer called last night asking if it was OK to put soybean inoculant on his fall cover crop seeding. Some farmers inoculate their winter wheat seedings to help improve inoculation of the double crop soybeans they are going to plant next summer after wheat harvest.

I would prefer to have some soybean seed with the mix to get them up and growing in Virginia or Ohio but it is getting late. Today is our last warm day before the temperatures really drop again.

Our friends in Missouri are having their cover crop field day today. It is raining there so I wish they had better weather but any day is a good day to talk cover crops. Steve Groff had his in SE Pennsylvania last week and I haven't heard a report yet but I know it is always good.

Alan from DelMarVa is in Phoenix for a talk where Dr. Jill Clapperton is speaking. She is a farmer authority on soil microbiology, something farmers know very little about. Her talks are always revolutionary.

Maybe I will add more tonight but the sun is up and it is time to get crackin'.


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