Sunday, November 6, 2011


It's Sunday and a great time to list my gratitudes.

We have been talking farms all week so I am happy to be a land owner and still have the health and interest to farm it. We had a real trying year in Ohio but God took something bad and made something really good from it.

Local farmers are happy to have this break in the weather to hit the harvesting hard. More soybeans are gone each day and hopefully one of these days we will be done. I would be very happy to have that last farm harvested before the next rain.

It is windy and sunny and the temperature and humidity are less than 100. The fans have been running on the bins ever since that happened Thursday. This means we are getting more natural drying of the crops left in the field and every point of moisture lost in corn means another 10 cents or so profit from not having to dry it or take the dock which is higher.

I am very blessed with my wife and family. I am happy that Becky and her young family is in there new home as the church and other movers help them get everything situated. The little girls as we call them have a new black lab puppy they named Stella. I am sure Sable can't wait to meet her!

We are blessed with all have health and income during troubling times when so many don't have one or the other or both. We pray for those people and trust things will turn around for them quickly.

An old dear friend passed away on Matt's birthday Thursday and I met him because of Matt's pending birth in 1976. We were looking for a church home and found it at Marathon United Methodist Church. He is the third close friend from that church that I have lost in the last 10 years.

If Bill isn't in Heaven, most of us don't have a chance as they say. I can tell you he is there, waiting for the rest of us. I remember when he helped the pastor baptize the two boys in the creek beside his house. We cooked many pancake and sausage breakfasts Easter Sunday over the years and all sorts of fun activities. He is sorely missed, no doubt, but left a legacy of belief and works to prove it.

I have great gratitude for everything and no remorse about anything. That's a real good place to be on a sunny Sunday.

I don't like the time change but I don't make the rules, I just try to follow them.

Have a great day and a good week all,

Ed Winkle

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