Wednesday, November 9, 2011


We have had a few good days now. I got the dirt piles on Horshoe Road flattened out thanks to Jack Ficke at Terra Excavating. There was more sod in there then we expected so some of the piles didn't flatten too well and will need more work. It is amazing what we can do with his Caterpillar style Bobcat.

We got a tree moved and some holes filled but there are several tile holes or "blow outs" to repair. I want to dig into them just to see the soil, how the old tile was installed and which way it runs.

I don't need rain and no one around here does but if I get some, it might get my dormant rye seeding started I sowed with the fertilizer. That could be good or bad but I imagine most of it will peak through in March after the snow melts. If this year is anything like the last two, and it sure acts like it is, there will be snow on at the end of winter.

But who knows, the last thing I can do is predict the weather, I just have to spot trends and work with it. That is why farmers are working so hard to get their late crop out in Ohio. Some have made really good progess and I assume that is most but I don't know anyone who is finished.

The harvest has been slow enough I haven't heard a problem with lines at the elevator anywhere in the country. Of course you guys in the midwest are finished and already planning for next year. We aren't but still doing some planning and not running into any real snafu's.

We are thankful for this decent weather and the low amount of rain predicted this morning then it will get down to freezing again tonight.

Time to fire up the woodstove!


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