Saturday, November 19, 2011

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

I just returned home from the land of planes, trains and automobiles. This time it was Cuyahoga County, Ohio, or Cleveland.

One of our children bought a house there and I stayed overnight with the three grandchildren. We had a blast.

I crashed on the couch shortly after 9 PM and woke up before 5 AM to the sound of trains crossing just to the north of the house and near the lake. I guess Lake Erie's ships weren't too far away, either!

I did make it to the guest room though and the city lights and noise were far enough away to easily go to sleep.

Cleveland Municipal Airport is nearby also but the house is not in the flight path so they didn't wake me, the trains did. Interstates 80, the Ohio Turnpike and 480 are also nearby so it is easy to get to off Interstate 71.

The urban deer population is huge and of course you aren't allowed to shoot any. I could have easily hit a buck on the way home on Interstate 71 near the I-80 split. It just stood in the median watching traffic. Someone had one go feet first through a windshield this week and the hooves cut up a young girl.

The traffic was heavy into Columbus today for the Penn State Ohio State game. I feel for both teams with what they are going through. Posey may get to start today after sitting out 10 games over tattoos and jerseys.

Penn State's problems has over-shadows every sport in the country.


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