Sunday, November 20, 2011

Balmy Weather

It is very balmy out this morning. The weather has been fluctuating like this all fall. I guess it is this back to back La Nina the weathermen and climatologists keep talking about.

I am trying to maximize my in bin grain drying and it is hard to do in this weather.

The temp plus humidity went to 152, dropped to 70 and back around 120 this week.

I am leaving the fans on the corn all the time "until you can jump into it to your waist like the one poster said, safety rope and two men of course.

The beans are stable around 12-13% but the corn is closer to 20% so I leave the bean bins off in high humidity and leave the corn bins on and turn the beans off.

I have one big bin with two fans on and they are mismatched, one new fan and one old and that bin howls, doesn't sound right. I think I should put one of the new fans off a bean bin on that bin and put that older fan where the new fan was and see if that stops the surging sound.

I should have had my visitors this year look at the bins when they were here but time is so short during our visits I don't get all the bases covered.

Hope this makes some sense, I keep asking and thankfully you all keep replying.

So how are things in your world? Farmers keep pecking away at these good yields but the weather changes so fast it is hard to get much done.

Rain is coming and you can sure feel it this morning.



  1. -8F here Ed. We could cool the grain quite effectively but not sure about drying. :-)

  2. My first link was on in bin drying, Ralph. It is a pretty good read and got some good feedback on it already. Minus eight, keep that up there, Ralph.