Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Another holiday is upon us, Thanksgiving. It is truly a time to give thanks for all we have when so many around us have less. The word holiday is derived from the words Holiday Day.

The cost of a Thanksgiving meal for 10 people is up to a whopping $49 now according to the USDA. This was mentioned on last weekend's US Farm Report. That seems cheap to me compared to filling up LuAnn's car which I can burn in one day and not get near as much joy and good from.

Yesterday marked the 48th anniversary of the day I was sitting in the eighth grade classroom and our principal sadly came in and explained to our class that our new, young President had been shot in Texas.

The country has never been the same since and I think some people mourn the innocense lost since the 50's when we were children.

Farmers still have crop in the field here and it is hard to concentrate on Thanksgiving when your profit for the year is still out in the field. It's rained so much now Ohio is officially a mudhole and it will be tough slugging the rest of the crop out.

Farmers north of Interstate 70 are somewheat finished but there is lots of crop left in NW and central Ohio, too. The farmers that are done had a shorter crop to take out and had more drought than we did. It varies in 100 and even 10 miles.

One farmer said "they got a two inch rain 6 miles up the road and the same corn planted the same day made 50 bushels per acre more." I don't doubt he is right but that shows the power of one rain event.

We are over 60 inches of rainfall now for 2011 and have broken all recorded records. The wheat crop was poor but the beans and corn were good here. They still are if we can ever get them out.

We do have a lot to be thankful for and I am reminded of that this morning.

I hope you find reason to give thanks, too.


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