Saturday, November 26, 2011

12 row

A 12 row corn head just passed right in front of my office window. The boys are up and early this morning at 7 AM as it is just getting light outside. I saw two friends shelling yesterday as we were hauling soybeans out of bin number two.

The cart is right behind because you can't go very far without getting a bin full. That is the blessing here today. We got rain all summer and have a good crop. A couple of guys broke their all time record and I know there were some 270 bushel corn across the road.

That is the pedigree in AgriGold 6533 and LG 2620, owned by the French Seed Giant Ag Reliant. Fortunately though they sold the female in that mix to other seed companies as well as Monsanto did even though they bought Holdens Inbreds so both the male and female are "public" and other companies have that cross, too. That male is a good one and used in a lot of popular hybrids today.

I plant it as Porter Hybrids 4514. It was a good one last year and it is pretty unbeatable this year. The new "app" on LuAnn's Droid from USDA Soil Web says that soil is Russell Xenia and Crouse Miamian series and it likes that hybrid. Every soil type we have had it on says the same thing.

There is still a lot of crop out in southwest Ohio. We are all anxious to get this crop "under roof" as it keeps getting wetter and wetter with no freeze in sight. "Warm in fall, no winter at all" has taken place so far where we live.

The 17% moisture soybeans we put in bin 2 came out at 13% so using those few fall days when the temperature and humidity added to 100 or less like last night really helped the fans knock the extra water out of the beans.

I had a really rough day yesterday. Anxiety must have set in over the Holiday. I think farmers tried to enjoy Thanksgiving around here stewing over their crop while it was too wet to run so we did not work on turkey day.


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