Monday, November 14, 2011

70 And Windy

LuAnn made it home safely and had a great week with her family. I even got a call from her mother thanking me for giving up my wife for "the best week in her life." That is awesome, but it was not easy!

I got by "baching" for a week but I don't like it. I can see why seniors get in trouble when their mate passes. It is hard to make yourself cook for one. I got tired of diners, shopping, and cooking. That's to make me appreicate all she does even more, doesn't it?

LuAnn is off to work and I need to get to work. Looks like a chance for severe weather this evening as another storm system blows through. I hope it isn't too bad for chance for heavy rain and damaging winds. That is never fun here on the hill.

Living on a hill sure has its challenges but so does any place. Some places are just easier to get by with than others. My old house was on the flats and kind of blended in with the topography. This place sticks out like a sore thumb or a proud showplace depending on the weather. 1120 feet is higher than normal elevation around here. Good place for a cell tower or a wind turbine, but we've already been through that in past blogs.

It's Tuesday morning and the storm blew through with walls of water last night. I don't know how much we got yet but I know some places got over an inch.

There were tornado watches out near by. Old saying is "warm fall, no winter at all." I don't know if that will be true or not this winter as it is only a few weeks away by the calendar. Nothing blew away yet that I know of but I guarantee you there are dead Pecan limbs laying in the yard this morning.

Ed Winkle

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