Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wolf Tech

Thanks to my cousin Brian I think I may have finally got my computer system back together. It had so many faults and errors it is surprising it is still alive.

Brian and I go back a long way, 1983 when when we moved to Canada Road. The next door neighbor was Winkle. You know me, I had to go introduce my self. The farmer was Merlin Winkle. I remember asking do you think we are related? I can still remember his laugh, no I don't think we are related. I think he meant I would have known you already if we were related.

We got to be pretty good neighbors and he asked me if I wanted to go the Winkle Reunion in Mowrystown with. I had never been to one but heard all the stories about how big the families were.

Boy were they ever big. Many had 16 children, dad was one of nine. There is even a town that used to be called Winkle until they change the name to East Danville. Every time I visited Grandpa at the Mowrystown Cemetery I saw all these Winkle headstones. Probably more than you would find anywhere in the US. I think I counted over 50 at one time.

It turned out his grandpa and my dad's grandpa's were brothers, Isaac and Levi. I guess they went their separate ways. Dad's family always were close to the Keir's, my grandma's family.

Brian was in my class over 20 years ago. It was a proud moment for me, a Winkle in Winkle's ag class. I remember Brian dressed in the Blue and Gold. He said he still has that jacket like so many former members still do. I had to ask how old he is now and I couldn't believe he is 40. I was just that old yesterday!

Anyhow Brian walked me through all of my hard drive problems and downloaded the free Microsoft Office. I have been using it, getting reacquainted with my files. All I lost was a bunch of old email I should have deleted any how but they are valuable files to me. I think Staples will be getting their $260 Microsoft software back. It would be worth it if I did a lot of web design work which I don't do.

It is so hard to keep up with technology. I have to drive to Iowa to learn the latest and greatest in no till. Fortunately Brian is only 25 miles away.

If you are local and need some good computer advice, call my cousin Brian Winkle at at Wolf PC Solutions in Lebanon, Ohio. I call him Wolf Tech. 513-696-6250. This is the best this computer has ran since it was new.

Someone, something attacked me with viruses and malware again and the bells and whistles went off. There are a lot of predators out there, physically near your barnyard or electronically behind some computer.


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