Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Heaven is Real

When I turned on the computer this morning I found a really good story MSN and NBC are carrying. Heaven is real.

I have always believed in heaven but you see so few substantial proofs because it is a whole different world than our little human world. We are talking about the metaphysical world and what I believe in, the spiritual world. Some people don't even believe in that world but I do. I know it is there. Our little human world is too big for most of us most days.

What this little boy went through leaves no doubt in my mind. The naysayers will say they were just signing a book deal. It could be true but I don't know that. The book deal takes away from the story unless they use that money to further the belief.

In this Lenten season many people sacrifice for their belief. I hope they do, too. If you have read this blog much you know I believe and here is recent proof for me which is big enough for this story to hit mainstream media.

We don't have time to argue the pro's and con's of these beliefs but whether you believe or not, it is really worth discussing. I beleive there is a big battle going on for good versus evil and I have experienced it every day of my life. Pick your side and go for it.

I have a Mennonite crew working on our 1880 era barn roof this morning from the 70 MPH wind damage to the roof a few weeks ago. These are hard working, believing people doing work for me that needs to be done that has been passed down through their families for hundreds of years. They know how to do it.

I donate to Mennonite Relief Services and Catholic Relief Services. I really believe in what they both do. They are wonderful people doing a great job for their fellow man, even in Japan right now with their great disaster.

We have many problems in our own country they and all of us are dealing with and right now a local church is helping me.

There is no doubt in my mind heaven is real, just like the little boy says in his story.

Ed Winkle

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