Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The title of this blog is unknown. It will remain unknown until you or I come up with a snazzy name for it. It's a pretty accurate title today with the unknown future of this picture of Christchurch or anything in this world and especially the hard drive of my old computer. I am missing some key software I don't know where I put and the data is unknown to the drive!

Welcome to all our new readers, I have heard from several of you. Give me feedback by comment or email and tell me what you like and don't like. It helps light my dark path of what to say or not say.

I see farmers are commiserating over not being able to top dress nitrogen on their winter wheat and barley. Our soils are soaked and I see many regions like ours have flooding.

One of our repair guys called yesterday to see if he could do our job as he couldn't get to Sinking Spring, appropriately name. The bridge is under water, We live on higher ground so he could get to us.

Sorry about the lack of links and pictures but I am still using LuAnn's laptop. I despise this Windows 7, I just lost all of this blog to here and she lost a big email to the Bochstiegel's of Wisconsin last night.

My problems started when I downloaded a free power point from Dr. Joel Gruver posted on ag talk. He used Babylon to host the power point and when I downloaded it that thing took over my task bar and I couldn't get it off.

The popups increased until the computer crashed. Brandon Apgar cleaned it up and installed Malwarebytes and it went another few weeks until it crashed again. Now it is at Greystone who does business tech in the area. They have had it almost a week so it might be Gravestone.

I had that computer loaded and set just the way I wanted. I don't see how LuAnn gets by with this one, this shows our age difference. She is more teachable and less rigid than I am.

Farmers have two weeks to figure out their crop insurance options. My agent sent me the spreadsheets but I can't print them out or read them on this computer.

It seems like my whole life revolved around that darned computer.



  1. We do tend to stick with the familiar. But I have adapted to windows 7 and a new laptop since December and have no complaints. I keep in shape by changing back and forth between this one and the old desktop with XP. I must admit that the big old keyboard is a lot more user friendly than these little laptop keys.

  2. Now, I'm just the opposite from you guys. I've used a laptop (as my main computer) so long that a standard keyboard feels clumsy when I have occasion to use one.

    I really like my old Windows XP machine, not looking forward to updating to a Win 7 machine eventually. Maybe I should follow Budd's example and get a Mac (heaven forbid)!

  3. I didn't know your fingers were that small Orin. Mine just overwhelm this little keyboard. I can hook up mine but it gets moved around the house too much. I am used to typing right here on my desk my favorite chair. My arms are almost high enough but hang down over the desk a little.

    I may just order a new one today or just pick one out. Could have had one here and operating by now but parting with my computer is like parting with an old friend!