Monday, March 7, 2011

Pray for Madison

Madison had her yearly check up on her heart today. Ehe had a revolutionary heart plug put in her open heart as a little girl when she was one years old.

I will never forget her waving at us from her gurney as they wheeled her into the operating room many years ago. Today she is 8 years old and honestly a wonderful child to us.

The plug has done it's job but her heart tissue has not grown around like they thought it would. I got this all third hand so don't take it any farther than I got it.

Just pray for Madison Abt. Something is not quite right according to the doctors. The tissue has not surrounded the plug like they thought it would. LuAnn and I have encouraged a second and third opinion so the parents can sort out the information and make the best decision for their daughter.

If you haven't had this happen to your, God Blessed you. He has blessed us too but now we ask for mediation.

So, I ask you to pray for our Grand daughter, Madison Elizabeth Abt. She is such a leader of our grand children and we need her to be in full strength.

I would give up everything I own for her and I know her grandmother and parents would too.

It might be a small thing. All we can do is hope and pray it is.

We call her Maddie. God Bless you, Maddie.



  1. prayers on the way Ed, and youth is on her side. don't let that fact slip from your thoughts. we have to neighboring guys whom had similar heart problems as children. they both are grown and have kids of tier own today. one was told he would not live to be older than a teenager, mid 30s today. joe

  2. Thanks Joe. I think you are right. The Lord has never failed me yet, I only fail him so he keeps taking me back.

    I know both your personalities and you would just love her. You would really get along.

    God Bless you Joe for praying, I will not hide my belief under a bushel basket.

    But I have this extreme desire to talk to those who don't understand what we are talking about.

  3. your welcome Ed, and please let us know how things go with Maddie's tests. joe