Saturday, March 5, 2011


I am encouraging my family and neighbors to complete the new survey of your opinion of our county for the Clinton County Regional Planning Commission.

It centers around your ranking of 10 major issues in our county:
developing jobs at the closed air park
developing new jobs
improving the schools
improving the hospital
improving Wilmington College
bringing in new business
bringing in new residents

and several related topics. You can read them at the Clinton Country Regional Planning Commission website.

It's that little green circle button right below the picture where it says attitude survey. Once you fill out the survey, you can't go back and read the questions on your computer.

I wondered how our children would complete the survey. I am sure they would see things a little differently than me because of their age and experience but I think we would agree on most of the issues. Half of our children lived in this county until Becky and family just moved away.

I think the 2008 survey did impact the county some but by that time DHL left Wilmington and our country faced one of the greatest financial recessions in history.

Surveys are good if they are well constructed to meet a defined goal, in this case, the attitude of residents of Clinton County on their local living conditions and services. I think this one makes good sense, not too long but long enough for them to compile some valuable data of the views of the people.

Crime and drug crime were discussed and I ranked them both high. We had a scary situation just down the road yesterday when two men tried to rob a house and found a 16 year old boy home on school suspension. A fight ensued and the boy was shot but his dad said in the newspaper he is going to be OK. Thank God.

LuAnn let Sable roam the house last night just in case.

It's almost time to make some coffee and pancakes. Have a good day,


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