Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Flowers

I opened Windows this morning and looked at the news. The first article that caught my eye was the best place to view spring flowers.

Yes, the Netherlands. Rich ocean soil with weather moderated by the ocean. I have been there once and want to go again in full bloom but that is the first of May, prime farming time here.

We saw daffodils in bloom this morning on the way home from church and even though it was 39 degrees you know spring time is here.

We should have planted more bulbs and more trees ever since we moved here. The apple trees and roses are budding out. If you plant anything, try some SabrEx seed treatment on them, it really makes a difference. All my crops and seeds and transplants get a dose of it, that trichaderma really makes a big difference here.

The moon was as big as a flower last night. Did you see it? That is the closest it has been to earth in 18 years. Many friends were commenting at its beauty. Usually that means I don't sleep well but I slept very well last night and feel rejuvenated today.

My NewAgTalk NCAA brackets need a little rejuvenating. Wow, there were some good games last night. How about that coach at Butler? He is a class act and I forgot what he did last year, nothing short of amazing.

Big Ten has let me down so far in the competition. I took Penn State, Purdue and Michigan State too far and Wisonsin not far enough. My brackets are all up to my alma mater, Ohio State. Otherwise, I am out of the competition this year.

Oh well, it's a lot of fun playing and watching. I think a lot of young men's future is determined right in this tournament after a lifetime of work. Isn't that amazing?

The wheat looks really good today. Maybe, just maybe we can finally get our first shot of nitrogen on this week. The ground is firming up.

A year ago we were cleaning out a fence row. Boy, that was a good move, it really opened up those two fields into one nice 40 acre field. The drainage has improved because of it and we produce a lot more food now and I just put a piece of that wood into our toasty Vermont Castings woodstove this last cold winter day.

The newagtalkers are discussing lawn renovation and sweet corn. I need to get my last garden seed order in this week. Gurney's is half off, I wonder what is going on with them?

Maybe we can sneak in and get some sweet corn planted early for that wonderful July sweet corn and juicy hamburgers. I think we just had our last Vision sweet corn out of the freezer and need to replenish our supply.


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