Monday, March 28, 2011


I have been watching Undercover Boss off and on this winter and watched the whole episode last night on Synagro, an evironmental resources company. From this link it looks like they redesigning their website.

The CEO set the stage telling how he was selected to turn the company around after mismanagement and fraud by former employees. Sure enough someone posted an article from the Detroit Free Press how one person was caught taking bribes to vote for Synagro to get a contract.

I guess it's dirty business in more ways than one. The CEO sure got his hands dirty working with 4 employees in the poop business as they called it. The one lady said her sons tells people my mommy works at the poopy palace.

I wonder how they choose the employees used on the show who gets the special treatment from their employer at the end of the show?

You know the old saying, poop happens. I always taught my students to think what happens after they flush the toilet. It's all biology after that happens and sludge has been used for fertilizer as long as man as been around. The poorer Chinese even carry theirs in a pot on a stick over their shoulder and call it night soil.

One of the worst things is what some people flush down, even their trash. That creates a job for the plumber and a hassle for these recovery companies handling all the junk in sludge.

Our friend Ray in Kansas posted that the one video shot at Kansas was on one of his farms. Some farmers won't use sludge but it's considered valuable manure on many farms. Land application of sludge is big business for companies like Synagro.

The data shows the U.S. is a world leader in land application of sludge because there are more benefits than risks.

Livestock manure has always been valuable fertilizer but human sludge is often misunderstood.



  1. I've seen a lot of it done in our area. There are a lot of issues with heavy metals. You don't want to do it if you ever plan on raising produce for human consumption though our local packing cooperative. I don't know about organic certification. That is a whole different irrational and regulation driven subject.

  2. It's complex. I have never seen the heavy metal contamination but that one article suggests we will see it in decades if it isn't already here. Poop doesn't have heavy metals any more than hogs, it's every thing they throw down the toilet like batteries!

  3. The grass was always greener over the septic tank.

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