Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Amish Country

We took our guests from Wisconsin down to Amish Country today. We drove to Hillsboro down to Bainbridge to Lloyd's and Company, a really good furniture store with hardware for the locals. Then we headed toJR's Country Store, then the bakery down the road and then drove down US 41 to SR 32 back west to Tater Ridge Road and the these huge barns of old stuff. I mean every kind of old stuff you can imagine. You never saw so many old grinding wheels in your life.

You turn left on Wheat Ridge Road, what a name for a road and there is all the Amish community, industry and stores with sawdust to stove pipes and bulk food to jerky.

The Amish shop at all these stores, the hardware store at Lloyd's in Bainbridge was busy. We see more clip clop of horst and buggies every trip we make. I think more and more are moving here from Pennsylvania.

We slipped by our son's new place on the way and construction was really going on. I should say excavation. It's a beautiful home site and building a new house in this economy is something special. Must be a Winkle thing, I always did better when the economy is sour. I guess I am just cheap. The Amish are frugal. I quickly added up over $1000 a month of living expenses they don't pay.

There are 3 main general stores with all kind of bulk and deli food and furniture, JR's to the north, Miller's to the south and Keim's to the west. They are similar but show each family's and community's character. We saw some outstanding furniture and some at a reasonable price.

There are all kinds of cottage industries going well, too. They must be doing well, the places look nicer every time we visit.

It was a nice day for a drive but getting awfully expensive. It took $60 to fill the Buick but we got 22 MPG on this trip.

For some reason some of my best teachings are with the Anabaptist's. I think I have a good name with them and that makes me feel good. They are good farmers and just a little behind on technology but way ahead in so many ways. They have their priorities straight.

Like many religious sects the Amish are misunderstood. The southern Ohio people are learning about their ways as they buy up our land which I think is under priced. Of course everything is overpriced if you don't have money.

They have cash. It's their frugal ways.

Ed Winkle

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