Sunday, March 6, 2011


It is time for Christians to show a little more Adoration to Christ than they do in their every day normal life.

Ash Wednesday is this week, a significant time in the life of many Christians as they enter the 40 days of Lent like Christ entered the 40 days with the evil one.

Our church has 40 hours of adoration of the Christ next weekend and I was thinking the time change happens Saturday night. Sure enough it does. We signed up for very early Saturday morning but those signed up for an hour of prayer of adoration after midnight could be on the wrong clock. I am sure our good church will figure it out.

We got the Little Black Book this morning after we signed up our times of adoration. It is a good way to reflect and give more adoration any chance you get like riding in the car or other transportation or just whenever you don't have something else better to do, which is most of the time for me!

One of our hymns sang Jehovah Sabaoth so I had to ask my mighty Christian mate what is this mate? She didn't know either so I looked it up, it sounds familiar to my earliest teaching. Sometimes we cram our brains with so much stuff we can't remember the basics. Age really emphasizes it, too.

Squish asked in the NAT Cafe what he should give up for Lent? Oh my, some of the answers, they brought agnostic vs. Protestant vs. Catholic beleif to life. I really think he did it on purpose though I have one friend who has met him and says he is OK.

I am tired of fighting. I believe what I believe. I have worked hard to get here. OK that, doesn't even cover it. Either get on the train or miss the train. The train is moving right now, you and I have a another great opportunity to get on it between now and Wednesday.

I had a suprise load of farmers in a 15 passenger van show up yesterday. They were very impressed with Les's planter. We had a two hour notill session impromptu.

Have a blessed Sunday and Adore and Admit and Admonish.



  1. Amen to all you said!

    NAT??? Better time be spent banging your head on a concrete wall,,,,,joe

  2. I think we all occasionally take Christ's suffering for granted. Good Post.

  3. Good post Ed to remind us to prepare for the upcoming Easter Season. Our local parish is having a retreat tonight through Tuesday night with the theme "Reflections on Reconciliation" which Florine and I will be attending. While this may not fit everyone's needs, it will force us to focus on the Lenten period that lies ahead. As you say, "to each his own."

    It appears to me that NAT is losing some of its initial innocence that made it a great forum in the beginning.

    Ron Swanson

  4. Wow, I just signed on to try and figure out what to write about today and you guys made my day. You truly did.

    It is good to hear from believers and non believers.

    How could a farmer plant a seed and not wonder how did that happen?

    You kinda got met flabbergasted so I need to read and think and pray

    Any good public forum like NAT is going to got through that Ron and you allude to a big issue we must all confront.

    Why are we here?

    Is the Bible a reflection of our God or just someone's writing?

    I pondered my soul a long time on that and came to the conclusion if it is false then the whole world is false and I don't think it is.

    It is a battle between good and evil. We all have both and must select which side stand for.

    These are some of the best comments I ever received.

    Thanks so much!

  5. Joe I read your response again. Do you not think God beat himself on the wall in Christ? NAT is my passion. There are so many naysayers!

  6. i see what you are stretching to imply there, but there are other sites around that are more worthy of a poster of your caliber Ed. once upon a time NAT was better, but today it is inflated with mostly "hot air"? global warming's fault no doubt!

  7. What I am stretching to imply Joe? I don't understand. Respond or email me. I know I am a person who tried to apply what I learned. My degrees don't amount to much, my fields speak my learning. Thank you Paul Reed and so many more.

  8. your analogy part was a bit of a stretch IMO? God, Christ where on a mission to save and give eternal life to all believers of Christ. you or any purpose driven person posting at that site with honest intentions is a waste, again IMO? we have been through this via email and you know my feelings about that site. a Christian Farmer site and possibly making it a pay site would be a better use of time. call me crazy!

  9. BTW, your email has not worked for me in a long time...everything i send you bounces back. somehow i must have an old address and lost the newer one.