Saturday, January 15, 2011

What a Week!

It was quite a week in Cincinnati. Lots of friendship, good questions and presentations. I think the women's program was the best ever from what I saw and heard and the couple from northern Ohio who heads that up are to be commended.

The staff at NoTill Farmer magazine did another bangup job. It was flawless. One speaker had to change his schedule because of family coming in and another had to leave because of an unexpected funeral for his friend.

The best news of the week is we are expecting our ninth grandchild! Those little ones are priceless and the kids are all doing such a great job raising their families. It makes us very proud.

I got to spend time with my Winkle grandchildren today. Corbin says, now grandpa tell me about those green and red pulling tractors you had. I told him all about them while he kept coloring inside the lines of the choo choo train he was coloring.

Then we got to cowboy movies and he said John Wayne said stick em up, there isnn't room in this town for the two of us! He is only 4 years old.

There was room in town for 823 registered notiller's in Cincinnati, a record crowd for Cincinnati. Everyone was in a pretty good mood after a decent year, pretty good yields and a robust market. Lots of farmers were on the computer and their cell phones.

I don't think there was anything really new but I heard so many talks that made me glad I have done what I have done and made me wonder how I can do it on more acres. Timing was everything last year although I think that is true every year.

The day is gone when you can plant all spring into summer unless you planned it behind another crop. We have to be ready for every blow Mother Nature throws us.

I know the air drill needs to be completely gone through and/or replaced. I know we have to address our spraying issues.

It's amazing the amount of questions I had on what I have taught for years as farmers try to understand exactly what they are doing and how to do it right and better.

It was a really good week all the way around.

As Leon says, Ask me questions.


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