Monday, January 10, 2011

Revving Up

Farmers are revving up for the National NoTillage Conference in Cincinnati this week. I hope they don't have to change their plans to get here with the weather this week.

Looks like I might have my own problems getting there and I am only an hour away. The south is getting record snowfall today and we will have it converging from the west and the south. Hopefully will pretty much burn itself out.

The jar on the left of the picture is water from a tillage field and the water in the jar on the right is from a no-till field. It's not difficult to figure out my enthusiasm for no-till.

We are about footballed out. We watched most of all four games. The wildcard playoffs are always exciting to watch as they are sudden death. You lose, you are out.

Crop Talk has been a hot potato this weekend as farmer firm plans for spring. Lots of good questions. Lots of them aimed right at me with my name on it. I give good answers, I really do. I am not always right but if each one of those guys would send a hundred dollar check it would be worth the 40 years of study.

I do it out of the kindness of my heart. I love sharing and contributing. I really do. I hate to see people make stupid mistakes like I did but sometimes you have to learn from the school of hard knocks like I did. I had good teachers and have been paying back everything I learned.

I was looking up my post on Hybrid Corn this weekend and read my post again. It is really good! It is unbelieveable how quickly the world is changing. I hope all my posts are that good but I know they aren't. It had so many good links and was so crisp. I had more fire that day.

No one can be this good every day. We strive for good performance and learn how to recover from our bad days.

Today and tomorrow I will finish my powerpoints and try to give good talks at NNTC this week. It doesn't take long to get me revved up when I am with that bunch of people. I know so many so well now it is like a convention of good friends with new and interested people mixed in each year.

They have done a good job at Lessiter Publications, home of the NoTill Farmer magazine. They have helped more farmers than they could ever count.

Someday I hope they can say the same about me.



  1. Good luck in cincinnati, sounds like a fun and informative time.

  2. Let's hope so but the weather doesn't look that great for all of the people coming in!