Monday, January 3, 2011

January Third

Ten years ago Dad moved on to "greener pastures."

He didn't want to go. He liked it right here where he spent his 85 and a half years doing what he loved, farming and family.

At least he and LuAnn got to know each other before he left. He never quite made it to the ceremony but he was truly there in spirit.

I have been thinking about everything we have done since that day ten years ago. We got married, got the kids through college and all married off to good people. Now we have eight grandchildren, his great grandchildren.

I retired from 31 years of public service and ten years of school boardmanship. That alone seems like a miracle to me.

We traveled the 48 states and many provinces in the off seasons. We travelled to all those islands that look the same, Alaska, Paris and now Europe. We spent a month in New Zealand teaching notill.

We went from five acres to 50 acres to 100 acres to over a thousand acres last year. That is quite an accomplishment in these times I couldn't have done by myself.

We have made this farm our home. There isn't a building or a room we haven't touched. The former owner wrote the best comment on Facebook that we were sent from Heaven and kept the Cochran home a real center of living like it has been since 1880. Her note brought tears to our eyes.

We were sent from the One in heaven, believe me. We almost bought three other farms before we found this one. God kept saying now be patient, just wait a little, I have something much better for you. Isn't that the way it is?

Many times I was planting and looked up and asked dad if I was doing it right. I always got a warm feeling from that.

He rented our first notill planter and now I teach how to do it to other farmers and have for ten years.

A farmer just asked on Crop Talk how I have transitioned in notill in 1976 and the words just flowed from my finger tips. 34 years of notilling, can you believe that?

With all my failures I wouldn't trade my life for any one's. Never ever felt that way because I know I am truly blessed. The last ten years has been more than icing on the cake.

Dad you were the best. Our life together was not hugs and kisses but hard work with love and respect. You couldn't have done a better job with me.

I know you are proud of Linda and Jeff every bit as much as me. We all did our best.

May the Lord always bless you and keep you.


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