Sunday, January 30, 2011


Today I pray for peace in the Middle East. The turmoil in Egypt is going to affect our lives but we don't know how yet.

I can see why they want the freedom they don't have but over 100 people have lost their lives in this uprising already. I am sure there will be many more before it is over.

The effect on the Suez Canal and world economy is scary. It is especially scary to me after seeing the impact of the Panama Canal Friday.

The world doesn't need higher prices right now but the impact on world shipping and economy has great potential. No one knows what will happen but it usually gets worse before it gets better.

On a good note I did run into an old friend at lunch. I saw the lady, listened to her speak and thought that has to be Darlene, the treasurer of the Blanchester School Board I used to serve on. We had a great chat and just laughed at the possibility of finding someone who lives 10 miles away on a ship thousands of miles away from home.

Pray for peace and prepare for the best and the worst, either or both are coming.



  1. The good and the bad are so inter-mixed in that part of the world that I wouldn't even know which side to root for. I guess we can always pray for the Lord's will. We can't go wrong THAT way!

  2. Isn't that the truth Gorges and I am on the same page. I have to pray for God's Will as my will is for the good guys and I don't even know who they are.