Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Sable, dogs don't eat artichokes."

Last night Sable sat at my feet staring intently as I opened a can of artichoke hearts. She was so funny looking like she was just drooling for one. I told her, "Sable, dogs don't eat artichokes," and she walked away dejected while I finished fixing my "dinner" of fresh mozzerella cheese, artichoke hearts, hearts of palm, Mike-Sells' potato chips, Frango's chocolate mints and beef jerky! I am sure she was bummed. Her body language (yes, dogs have body language!) told me that she was bummed. Then I felt guilty.

One of my favorite things to do when Ed is not going to be home for dinner is to fix a bizzarre plate full of my favorite things with no regard to a balanced nutritious meal....just whatever strikes my fancy from whatever I can find in the cupboards or the fridge.

I must admit my first inclination when knowing I am going to eat alone is to stop at Strebers Farm Market, a little store between my office and home where they have the most delicious fried chicken. It is so bad for you that I ONLY get it when Ed is not going be here for dinner. Good thing he doesn't miss too many meals!

Some of my other favorites that I only make when I am eating alone are herring, salmon patties, fried chicken livers, liverwurst sandwiches, pretzels to dip in cheese sauce, brussels sprouts, turnips, and V-8 juice! All things I rarely get because I am the only one who likes them.

If he is going to be gone for a few meals, I usually have one crazy meal then go back to healthy salads and foods. I figure one meal can't do much more than cause heartburn or indigestion from all the goofy stuff.

Do you have any foods that you are the only one in the family who likes it? How often do you treat yourself to it?

BTW, Sable got a dog treat....she loves pig ears! So she was happy, too!

Back to the guilt didn't go away with a good night's sleep. I made a split second decision to take her to work with me today. She looked so sad with Ed gone for the day again. Her best buddy was not going to be there and she knew it.

She needed attention and I was running out the I took her. My students and staff had a blast and she sure did not go for want of attention with 100+ people calling her name, wanting to play with her, offering her treats and petting her. She was in dog heaven. I had to go to a meeting with three judges with my black slacks looking kind of furry. Oh, well.

See, Sable. Even when dogs can't have artichokes, they have other wonderful things to give them good dog days!"


  1. Did you ever see if she WOULD eat an artichoke heart? Some dogs develope unusual tastes.

  2. Good story. She is a picky eater Gorges and only eats the highest priced dog food. LOL

  3. Now I know how special I am to this beautiful dog Sable. There is no other dog in all of the world who is afraid of me except Sable! She is terrified of me. I have tried for over 2-3 years to make up with her but she will not accept me. If I stop in my car to give her a dog bone - she runs off with her tail between her legs :-) and stays hidden until I give up and drive off. I have until this story, felt that she is shy or afraid of most people and it ws not unusual. LuAnn relates as to how "100+ people at her buisness played with her and made over her and she loved it" Live is just not worth it any more - whoa is me :-) Ralph Taylor - Winkles neighbor to the West