Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fifteen Years

I was thinking about everything I have seen in 15 years. There has been a lot of change.

In fifteen years I have been through 8 pickup trucks. Four Chevrolet's, two Fords and two Dodge trucks. I still drive the latest Chevy and Dodge's. I put almost 300,000 miles alone on the first Dakota so I wouldn't be surprised if I have over a million miles on those trucks.

My acreage went from around 30 acres to 1120 harvested this year. In fifteen years I have went from full time teaching to full time farming and consulting.

My family life has completely changed from single to married to getting all the kids through college and married and now expecting our ninth grandchild.

I lost a lot of friends in 15 years, most notably my dad ten years ago to several friends and family this past year.

It's amazing what happens in just a few years. Look how our country has changed. We have come from Bill Clinton to George Bush to Barack Obama. We have went from a time of prosperity for our country through some really hard times, an attack on our nation and two major battlefields, Iraq and Afghanistan.

I think I have put a million miles on myself seeing the 48 states and Alaska and Canada, Europe and New Zealand in many trips. I guess Hawaii and Australia are still on the bucket list.

I have made a lot of friends and done a lot of things over these last 15 years.

It is all nothing short of amazing.

With the right focus and a lot of help I guess we can do about anthing, can't we?



  1. Where are you Ed? Thought you were leaving on a cruise? Love your blogs! Almost like checking on what is in your head! Hope that if you are on a cruise you'll lean on some of your readers for a couple of columns each so you and your pretty bride get some R & R

  2. Your post made me think. A lot of changes. I too went from single to married and now 3 sons. From farming full time to driving a truck. Only went through five pickups so I must not drive much. 4 Fords and one Chevy. I gained a decade on pickups though. In 1996 I was driving a 66 F250 and now I have a 1993 not even 20 years old yet!