Saturday, January 29, 2011

Costa Rico

We just got back from a little tour around Costa Rico. There are several 500 acre banana plantations owne by Dole, Del Monte or Chiquita. Some of the workers drive tours around in their off time. We got an inside tour of the plantation and packing facility.

The average worker makes $35-40 US per 8 hour day. They start at 5 AM ans work until 2 pm because it gets so hot in the afternoon.

Te unemployment here is 10 percent here like the US, much higher than the 5 % in Panama.

I am talking to a nice young man while I am typing. He helped me figure out the buttons on this thing in Spanish.

Just like Gabriel yesterday, I hope he is successful at working for himself. He is a helper in the Catholic Church here and we are talking about Simon Peter being the Rock of the Church. 80% of the islanders are Catholic like many Latin American countires.

Tomorrow we go back to sea and back to seminars and I will report back later.

Have a great day.


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