Monday, January 24, 2011

Let me take a moment to introduce myself...

If you've been following this blog for long, some of you may know me by name. I'm Ed's daughter, Becky, and he asked me to post a few blurbs on here while he was enjoying the Caribbean sun this week. I have to admit, I did not jump at the chance! After all, what do I have to say to a bunch of agriculturalist that would have any significance. I still have so much to learn in that area, even though I spent most of my summer days in the barn taking care of hogs, cattle, and sheep, and spending much of my high school years building a career in FFA.

Anyway, my dad really wanted to hear what I had to say, so I am taking a little time tonight to say hello.

So here's a little about me you may like to know. I am usually known as the mother to Liam, a precocious little five-year-old who makes himself known to just about anyone he meets. I am also the mother to 18 month old Caoilin, who is also quite a card, but in much different ways than her brother. Caoilin loves to sing, hates to be told no, and is best described as Curious George incarnate. And then there is Finnegan, three months old and as large as his name implies. You see, Finn McCool was a giant of a man in a famous Irish legend. If you'd like to know more, check out this link. I also highly recommend Tomie DePaola's version of the story which is quite an enjoyable book to share with your kids or grandkids.

I am a wife of eight years to William, the son of a veterinarian full of stories much like James Herriot, a Marine who has served in Iraq and Haiti, and an intellectual who loves science, technology, and engineering. I might also add, Will is the best husband and father I could have ever hoped for.

I am also a lover of stories. I fill my days with as much music, art, reading, and creating that the good Lord and my lovely children will allow.

I am the daughter of retired teachers who will never stop teaching me so much about life.

And most importantly I am a child of God, who is in constant pursuit in the grace and knowledge of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (2Peter 3:18).

So I think I shall end my post for the evening while I still hold your interest, and I will be back tomorrow night to share a story that may intrigue you.


  1. Hi Becky, I am your dad's cousin. Your grandmother and my dad are brother and sister. It is very nice to meet you and your beautiful children. They are alot like my grandchildren, when I see how you talk of them. The only thing more precious to a woman after her children are her grand children. It like getting to watch her children grow up again. I think I'll enjoy this week of posts. God bless you second cousin Jackie

  2. Wonderful introduction, dad very proud as usual!

  3. Becky - I am a friend and neighbor of your Dad. Also did two weeks of his blog when he and LuAnn were in central Europe. Great start to your blog apotlight! Wnjoyed hearing from you. It is clear that Ed and your Mother have done a great job in instilling wisdom in your upbringing. That allows your obvious knowledge and intelligence to shine brightly! Look forwrd to many more!

    Ralph Taylor and Donna Schwarz (my better half)on Martinsville Rd near the covered bridge.