Thursday, January 6, 2011


I love this picture of Liam. My interpretation well, if I have to go here today I will do my best.

Such it is with cousins sometimes. Thankfully I don't have that with my cousins.

I was struggling for a blog subject today. I was replying to my cousin Sheila near Cincinnati when I got this idea. Cousins. I hope she doesn't kill me for posting this but I don't think she will. How close are you to your cousins?

I am pretty close to mine. The ones on my dad side I see at least once a year and my cousins on my mothers side email me and post on Facebook.

Some I am pretty close to and others I barely know but we are all cousins. I see similar traits in all of us but of course some more than others.

Still there is a big link in cousins genetically and often enivironmentally as many live just like you do.

Being the oldest of my family I was introduced to my cousins at an early age and always kept contact with most of them. When I am invited to some event I like to see my cousins.

Here is my reply to my cousin Sheila.

"The Winkle's were special, no doubt. I just wish I could have known Grandpa better. Maybe that could be our gift if we make it to heaven?

I am glad we made it to your house, too. I really didn't want to go because
I was tired but shoot, it is my cousin and we got to your house in half an
hour from church.

We are both running out of time, Sheila. We are about in the position grandma
and grandpa was when that picture was taken! (I am referring to the picture I posted a few days ago.)

Arthritis sucks, it really does. I guess you could die of something worse
but it limits our activities when we are in the mood to get up and go!

We leave the 19th I think it is for the cruise. We booked a trip from the
canal overland all day to catch the ship when it turns around. We think
hard and long about those excursions, they are pricey and very touristic.

Somehow someway I have to finish my three notill farming talks for the next
month. I am so lazy in my older age!

Right now I trying to figure out what to blog about today. Nothing pops out
for me. Somedays it just flows from my typing finger tips. Today, Nope!
It has been good for over these last two years. I can't get rid of the
teacher in me and my blog is my classroom for family and friends.

Yes the country girl did well in the city! I guess I am OK but too much
farming in my roots to stray very far. At least I can mix a little, LOL.
LuAnn always said she could dress me up and take me out, kind of like
Grandpa's picture. LOL

We will sit down one of these days and share our stories.

Love you too, cousin!"

Do your cousin a favor. Give them a call today.


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