Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It Hit Me

I have been not been able to put this seed treatment PowerPoint together like I want and I just woke up early and it hit me.

What do you think?

Why I Treat My Treated Seed

Seed Treatments have come a long way

Chemical 21 days
Biological season long

Captan is one of our oldest chemicals and it is still effective on Mucor where little else is

Mucor fungus is a silent killer in notill
Mucor is a genus of about 3000 species of moulds commonly found in soil, digestive systems, plant surfaces, and rotten vegetable matter.
Pythium, Fusarium and Rhizoctonia are our principal seedling killers
Pine Cone Theory produced stroburilins and asoxystrobins
Trilex or Dynasty more than pay for themselves on my farm
I even plant treated seed for double cropping
Insecticide comes along for the ride Gaucho, Poncho Cruiser
Wire worm, root worms grub worms, bean leaf beetles, flea beetles, aphids
Since 1996 I have used trichaderma sold as T-22 on every seed
12 bu on wheat
10 bu on corn
2 bu on soybeans
2010 everything treated with Sabrex, it’s replacement
14 bu on wheat 13 on corn 3 on soybeans
USDA strain 1995 Revolutionized and Modernized Inoculation
3.7 bu on my farm
2009 came R09 or Rhizobia 2009 in Graphex Form
6.7 bu over 2 years

Those are just the slide covers with more information on each slide with several pictures and graphs.

What do you think?

Can I enlighten 1000 intensive no-tiller's for 30 minutes on that one?

I have no doubt. You probably have never heard me talk. Besides, those numbers will raise eye brows. That's a lot of cash on a notill farm.


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