Sunday, January 16, 2011

Don't Fall

As I get older I see the delemma of falling. LuAnn took an embarrasing fall yesterday and bruised herself up pretty good and pulled some muscles.

I took one this year that knocked me out for a bit so I know the fear of falling at our age. We aren't that old yet be we are old enough that a fall is bad. You never think about it twice when you are younger.

I remember visiting people this year who had fallen and were visibly shaken up or hurt. You can do more damage than you can imagine. I now have arthritis in every joint I injured at a younger age so it is going to come back and get ya.

The economy is the same way. Falling markets and failing weather is not what we hope for.

Farmers are saying please don't fall markets until I get this figured out and my plan in place. We can sell crops now for almost a third more than we got a year ago today. Some inputs have went up more than 1/3 and surely will catch up over the coming weeks.

We all hope our yields don't fall. I know I hope they don't. I lost a third off my potential yield the way it was weather wise this past year.

Who knows what this growing season will bring. I will get to hear more about that next week.

I just hope things don't fall too much, yield wise. Gas prices, yes they can fall but probably won't the way it looks. Who knows?

Food prices are going up but it really isn't the price of corn, it is the cost of getting crops to our plate. Everything has been going up in this inflationary cycle.

About all we can do is stay as stable as we can and brace ourselves for the ups and downs of life.

Have a good week and watch out for those falls!


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