Monday, November 1, 2010


Meet Finnegan! Finnegan is our new grandson born just two weeks ago. He is very quiet and gentle but his body is one of a brute in the making.

He comes from some pretty large people. I could see him at 6 foot 6, 260 in 18 years, a formidable foe on the grid iron or other arenas.

He also has the makings of a talented musician. Only God knows who Finnegan will be.

Finn is pretty famous in Gaelic Irish history. I have to admit I had to ask twice when I asked our daughter his name. I had never heard the name Finnegan for a first name or the nickname Finn.

The good thing is he is big, strong, and healthy. He is a solid chunk on my old left arm the way I hold babies out in front of me. I love to study their every feature.

So this blog's for you, young Finnegan. I am your crazy Papaw Winkle. I wish you the best of health and life and success in every endeavor. I must tell you though that some of my biggest lessons came at my defeat.

I am a farmer through and through but I love to teach children and hope to teach you.

You have great parents, siblings and grand parents, maybe even better if it weren't for me.

I yearn to live long enough to see who you will be.

Most important, welcome to this family!

Ed Winkle


  1. Every child should be as lucky to have such a wonderul grandpa as Finnegan does in Grandpa Winkle! I also hope you live a long life so that Finn receives the wealth of your wisdom and kindness of your heart!

  2. Thanks Ralph. That is more than humbling. I have only earned a little wisdom by some really hard knocks! Your message encourages me to keep writing.