Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey Day

Happy Turkey Day to you all. Turkey Day is a common slang term in the US for Happy Thanksgiving.

I am very thankful this year. So many good things happened. I had the most acres and gross and net revenue I ever had in my life. Best of all we have a new crop, our eighth grandchild.

Like the Pilgrims, we will give thanks today with a special meal. Our turkey day will be Saturday with the kids and grandkids during the Buckeye's battle with Michigan. Celebrating on an off day like this has worked well for our blended family.

I want to thank Ralph for writing while I was gone. I think a writer like him adds interest and broadens the view of a blog like mine. I have three good "ghost writers" now. Budde from the Lazy Farmer, LuAnn, and now Ralph.

It takes about 24 hours to fly from here to Europe with the layovers in Economy mode. We are rich to be able to travel but if we were really rich we could take a non stop flight pretty close to any major city.

The best deal on this trip was drive to Cleveland and use Continental to Newark, Frankfurt and to the smaller cities of Budapest and Prague. We were on the ground as much as in the air. The main leg is around 7 hours and the smaller legs are 1-2 hours each.

We saw all the commotion about security in Germany and body scans in the US. Thankfully that never bothered our trip one bit. The flight back home was roomy and many people slept across 3 seats. Me, I can't sleep in a jet going 5-600 MPH so I just watch movies and radio and think and write.

The big picture of the trip was the age of Europe compared to us. We are still an infant country and society compared to the world. The Roman Empire greatly impacted the future of man and the faith of those people.

The Christmas markets were just beginning to open and Advent is King in Europe like it used to be here. It wasn't so commercialized in advertizing like it is here but you can see the impact we have on the world.

The really neat thing we saw was at the cristkindl market we visited in Vienna, the event was social, not just for buying. Young and old visited together and they had pony and other rides for the kids so three generations could visit together. It felt very homey to us.

We walked 8-10 miles from Old Prague to Charles Bridge, across the river, up to the largest castle in Europe and back to the hotel. We still have tired bodies we jet lag but we will be fine, just need some time.

We woke up two hours early this morning so we need to keep working on getting back on schedule. We struggled to stay awake past 9 PM local the last two nights but it is working.

Happy Turkey Day to all and I hope you had a good year like we did.

Ed Winkle


  1. Welcome Home My Friend! Suffering a little from the jetlag I bet! I've been through all of the 700+ posts I missed earlier and will be checking in daily. You are really a dedicted Blogger! Thanks!

  2. Thanks Ralph. Thanks so much for writing when we were gone. Your stories are enlightening just like I thought they would be. I should have you do spell check while you were reading, they are not all perfect language wise by any means. When you get bored, you could do that for me? I want to print this all out in a book and make it has nice as it can be. Maybe my grandkids would get something from it.