Monday, November 8, 2010

Good Monday Morning Hymark Bloggers!

I am Ralph Taylor, the guy Ed told you yesterday would be filling-in for him while he and his lovely wife LuAnn are travelling in Central Europe. Why ask a city slicker to host an agricultural blog? Good question! I have little to contribute to the subject matter I have read about in most of the 700 + columns that he has written in the last couple of years.

Since I have had a completely different background than Ed - he thought might be a great change from his writings. Ed is my close friend of mine but I know exactly why he asked me to carry on his blog while he is gone. You will be so happy to once again hear his farm stories when he returns to this blog after 2 + weeks of enduring Ralph’s writing. 

I certainly qualify as a city slicker having lived within the Cincinnati borders for the first 60 years of my life. We moved to Clinton County in 2001 after searching for a “country home with some acerage”. Our real estate agent took us to see several properties that were good but not great. One day she took us on a journey to Clinton County, two counties away from Hamilton Country. It took almost 1 hour 20 minutes to get to a little town called Blanchester with another 15 minutes to a town called Martinsville, Ohio. Our real estate agent certainly knew for sure what it must be to take a trip with children because I must of asked her a hundred times on the way out here “are we almost there”?

We drove down this narrow road, crossed a single lane covered bridge and turned into the gravel driveway. We drove up the hill-laden and as we neared the top saw a 2 story home and very large red barn. Needless to say we knew from the first glance that this was the place we were looking for. Never did I imagine ever living in the country far away from the museums, music hall, Cincinnati neighborhoods with houses right next to each other.

We live outside of Martinsville in Clinton County. The population in our township-postal zone is 1800 + people compared to our previous postal zone of approximately the same space in Cincinnati is 23,000+. The amount of land we owned in Cincinnati was about 1/3 acre whereas here we have 21 acres. The homes here are a half mile apart where in Cincinnati we maybe had 20 feet between! The Martinsville Covered Bridge that we admired on our first visit here turns out to be on the North West corner of our property. What a great thing to have adjacent to one’s home – a covered bridge! We love the country life and wonder how I survived without it so long!
I have learned a lot about Farming from our friend Ed. Not so much to make me a farmer but enough to appreciate what you all do to provide food for our table and animals that become our food. It will take me another decade or so of intense study to become a farmer - after all you can take the city boy to the country but can not take the slicker entirely out.

Tomorrow – Cincinnati “Slicker” life

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