Friday, November 12, 2010

Good Morning Blogsters – This is Ralph Taylor – Ed’s Sub – Do You Have A Feline Companion?

I never had a cat in my life before we moved to the country. We met our first two when we stopped by our local post office here in Martinsville Ohio a week or so after we moved in. Two little kittens came up to our car before and before we could get out – jumped in. Both wrapped themselves around my wife’s neck purring up a storm. We took them inside to see who they belonged to. The Postmaster indicated “they had been left there abandoned the evening before – they were ours for the taking”. Great – Both my wife and I are allergic to cat dander! We put them back outside the Post Office and went on to the appointment we were headed to when we stopped. We just could not get those affectionate cats out of our heads – sitting there during the cold nights outside the post office.

We stopped on the way back home to give them some food. Big mistake! They are still eating our food today 9 years later. These two cats, Prince and Pyewackette, have pretty typical behavior of cats from what I understand in that they can be very affectionate when it suits them but normally pretty stand-offish”. Those moments when I am intently discussing business on the telephone sitting out on the deck is when one or both jumps into my lap full of papers and will not let me carry on anything – talk on the phone nor take notes. This is their time to get attention whether or not I am available or ready to give it. These are their moments! When I dare bother them calling them in for the night or want to show them off to visitors – they will not come close enough for me to pick them up!

We have since acquired two black cats, one a short hair called, yes - you’re hearing this right, Tom, Tom Cat, and the other a long haired Maine Coon called Whispers. Both of these cats actually enjoy being around us.

Whispers, the Maine Coon in picture, is the beautiful cat with soft long fur and golden eyes shown in the picture above. She just loves to sit in my lap to watch TV or while I am working on the computer – in fact is in my lap right now. When you come into a room that she is in – she greets you with a short meow. She responds to anything you say to her, almost sounding as though she is trying to engage you in a conversation with her. She has no claws front or back and as such does no damage to anything. Her favorite laying stance is on her back with her feet in the air. When she is forced to do something she doesn’t feel like doing she “growls” and for a long time grumbles as she walks away – full disgusted with the request.
I have always had a dog and now have 3.
I must say however that I missed having a life-time of feline companionship until we moved to the country – Now we have 4 cats - ahh - the country life!

TGIF!!! This is Ralph Taylor wishing each of you a great weekend!

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