Monday, November 22, 2010

Sugartree Ministries “Feed The Hungry” Program

Good Monday Morning Hymark fans! This is Ralph Taylor Blogging for the vacationing Ed Winkle who will, in the next couple of days, be getting ready to board plane heading back home. He will have a lot to tell you about his trip beyond the two columns he published from Central Europe yesterday and last week.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday of this week - I wanted to share with you one of my favorite organizations - Sugartree Ministries. I and hundreds of others volunteer time to support this charity located in Wilmington, Ohio. Thirty Four churches and local businesses prepare and serve 150 to 200 people hot meals 6 days a week in their ministry facilities. Also once a week, at noon on Thursdays, they open their doors to the public to take home frozen meats, fresh produce and canned/packaged foods to the 400-500 who line-up each week.

The Kroger Company, a major food marketer here in Southwestern Ohio, donates between 3000 – 4000 pounds of food to this organization each month. I and 2 other people use their SUVs and or truck to haul this food to the shelter. See a short video about that effort by copying and pasting this url into the http address bar of your browser:

Life in Clinton County, Ohio got a little more difficult when DHL, a major employer in Wilmington closed their facility in 2008. There are several videos available that you can review that gives lots of background on what has happened in the Wilmington area as presented by a couple of 60 Minutes and s couple of Rachel Ray’s Shows You’ll find them at:

For those who watch the Rachel Ray Show – Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, she will be showing an interview that her crew taped last week. She has another surprise that will be announced on the show this Thursday. Here is when you will be able to hear this program in your area:

Glenn Beck has picked up on this and is coming to our county seat of government next Month in Wilmington.

Be sure to keep this ministry in your prayers this week and every week as the services it provides are vital to the people living in this area.

Ralph Taylor

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  1. We saw the Glenn Beck program and his interview with Allen. It is quite a story!