Friday, November 5, 2010

The Soybean Goes to London

This week, American Soybean Association has been busy with meetings in London. President Rob Joslin of nearby Sidney, Ohio has been busy.

You need to watch his powerpoint and see what is up with soybeans in the world. It is a good presentation and I was reminded how far we have come in production methods in a very short time.

"American Soybean Association (ASA) President Rob Joslin was at the ExCel Centre in London this week to give a presentation at CropWorld 2010, "Producing More with Less: The business, science, trade & technology of sustainable global crop production." Joslin was one of the 100 international speakers presenting during the two-and-a-half day event.

Keynote speakers included Maive Rute, Director of Biotechnologies, Food and Agriculture Research from the European Commission, James Paice, a Member of the British Parliament and Minister of State at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, and Katherine Smith, Administrator for the U.S. Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service.

Joslin’s presentation, titled "Following the Life of the Soybean," provided participants with an overview of the many natural challenges (diseases, weeds, pests) farmers must overcome to profitably grow the food, feed and fuel the world needs. The presentation also features a contrast between conventional and conservation tillage practices, and highlights the benefits of precision farming technologies. View Joslin’s PowerPoint presentation. "

The GMO seed costs should get your attention, whether you farm or no because it affects our bottom line. People are always amazed when I share my seed costs. I have the decision of whether to plant non GMO or GMO soybeans for 2011 and the data available leans me to LL soybeans next year. They were my most profitable crop with the best weed control this year.

"Although organic production was a major topic, much discussion occurred on the need to double the world food supply by 2050 in an environmentally sustainable manner," Joslin said. "I got the impression that the industry is more frustrated with the anti-GMO attitude than they are supportive, and I think my presentation about how various farm technologies fit together into an overall beneficial system was well received by the audience."

CropWorld 2010, formerly the BCPC (British Crop Production Council) Congress, attracted more European companies than in pervious years and a broader spectrum of attendees from finance, food buyers and retailers, farming technology, packaging and universities.

Agriculture is in the world news and soybeans are getting lots of notice with reduced protein supplies worldwide.

It's an exciting time for farming.

Ed Winkle


  1. Ed

    Thank you for the phone visit yesterday. As I shared with you, the slides with the plowing was more 'how it used to be done' (complete with carbon release and diesel fuel burned)and not how a current producer uses modern technology tools- GM and precision ag in an ecomomic and enviormentally 'sustainable' manner as part of a complete production system.

    Remember- the audience was the EU consumers and decision makers and not the US farmers.

    Most of the presentation was the benefits of conservation tillage, esp no-till. Rest assured that was the message.

    As I shared with you, I am a 100% committed notiller since 1990, and began using notill in some manner since 1975. In fact, my family hosted a notill field day in the early 1980's.

    The Ameican Soybean Association, understands why the US farmer practices no-till;, puchase GM seed and adopts GIS technotogy. The ASA represents those interests in the US and around the world for the best interests of the US soybean farmer.

    Thank you
    Rob Joslin, ASA President, Shelby CO., Ohio

  2. Yes I think we both learned something and as usual I learned more than the other party! I do support what you and the Association are doing. Thanks for the good discussion and the comment!

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