Thursday, November 4, 2010


I was hungry yesterday morning so I thought I would treat myself to a local diner I haven't been to.

It is only five miles away and is called Stephanie's. It sits on the corner of a busy curve on SR 28 in New Vienna, five miles east of us. They are open 7 to 2 daily and specialize in breakfast and lunch.

My friend Jan told me I needed to try the "Slumbucket" some day I was hungry. It was chopped up and grilled sausage, onions, peppers, and homefries with eggs and cheese to hold it together.

It was really good but you need to be hungry before you try it! There is one in New York they have a name for like that I will have to ask about again. The name came up in a discussion at the funeral Friday.

Here is what a writer said on a Google search:

Stephanie'sStephanie's Diner is another excellent choice for a first date, and it has an easy to get to location at 142 W. Main St. in New Vienna. If you are more of a standard dinner date style individual then Stephanie's Diner would have the environment that you would prefer. They have a fairly standard rural menu,, with a very hospitable service team. In particular the waitresses that I have had personal interaction with were very friendly and service oriented. For dinner, drinks, and dessert the tab would run you and average of $25-30. I give this location a nine out of ten for good food, excellent service, and a clean environment.

I don't think I would quite go that far but they were right about quality and hospitality. I wonder if the writer ever ate there? It is like they plug in a town name and you read their ratings on various establishments.

It was good, Stephanie but I think that write up is an Internet gimmick.

Ed Winkle

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