Sunday, November 7, 2010


We are going on a little sabbatical so I have asked Ralph Taylor to write for me while we are gone.

I met Ralph and Donna when we lived in Blanchester. We used to see each other at the Winedog's Cafe across the street of Jim's Tire and Auto.

When we bought this place in 2004, we found out they were our neighbors! We have farmed the tillable part of their farm ever since and even went on a cruise together. Gee, that seems like years ago.

Ralph is a retired chemist from Proctor and Gamble and is active in the food pantry in Wilmington but I will let him tell you all about it if he wishes too.

Like me, he has seen a lot in his lifetime and has a lot of wisdom and hopefully stories to tell.

I will talk to you soon but until then, check in to see what Ralph has to say!

I was looking at my blog stats last night and we have readers all over the world! Many of you check in once a week or so to see what is up with us but some of you take a look every day as I have worked very hard to post something new every day.

Thanks a million, Ralph and all you readers!

Ed Winkle

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