Wednesday, November 3, 2010

OK Kasich

This Bud is for you.

Ohioans wanted change enough to forget about your troubled political career. They didn't even care if you weren't born in Ohio.

Now you are governor of Ohio, not a very good resume builder here the last 50 years or so. It is surely no step to the White House which you fizzled pretty well yourself 10 years ago.

No, I didn't vote for you and half the people of this statee didn't, either. Here is your chance. Show us your stuff. Prove to me you are not a crook.

Whatever happened between you, Lehman Brother's and the Ohio Retirement system will rear its ugly head. Now you are in the light and the light usually shows the truth.

I am not sure how much light Sean Hannity shed on you on his FOX News program. That really made me leery, also.

Personally I wish you had gone back to McKee's Rock, Pennsylvania but the word is you are not welcome there, either.

You have a chance to prove half the state wrong so let's see it.

Surely you aren't as bad as Bob Taft, are you?

Ed Winkle

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