Saturday, November 20, 2010

Shadow and Samantha

Shadow and Samantha

The 3rd favorite dog I dearly loved was Shadow – A dog I first met when asked to help a no kill shelter provide temporary homes for stray dogs. I felt really bad for Shadow since my wife, being terribly allergic to dog danger could not have Shadow stay in our space but had to stay in a cage in the basement. I made the mistake of going down to keep Shadow company. She would shut her eyes and enjoy my scratching her head and back breathing very heavy when I was around. We finally adopted Shadow because I was hooked on her. She followed me everywhere I went living up to her name.

As you can see from the picture the ties were very close between Shadow and me. She had to be put down year before last when we discovered a large tumor on her side and at age 17 she would not fare well in surgery. That was the most difficult thing I have ever had to do is hold her in my arms as our Vet gave her the lethal injection. Whew!

The fourth most favorite dog is our current dog Samantha. She has learned how to talk – that’s right talk! See for yourself:

One of my children commented on this video about how good a teacher Samantha was teaching Dad to talk like she did. Very funny!

We have two other younger dogs who will likely become 5 and 6 of the all-time most favorite dogs. We are going through a rough patch right now since Sir George does not seem to know what to do to get Lady Bella pregnant. The two of them have been through 9 heats and all we see is Sir George trying his best but never able to get to the right spot.

We consulted our vet who showed us what to do to facilitate conception. That is a whole other story and one that is not appropriate with this audience . Boy that is the weirdest an kinkiest thing we have ever considered doing in our entire life’s experiences with pets.

Hope you weekend if off to a great start!

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  1. I have this friend who is not really the sort you would see as affectionate or sentimental. The sort of fellow who put his dog down himself when it is time. One day the dog just is not in his pickup anymore and no one says anything.
    The other day I saw he had a puppy with him in his pickup. I've been watching this pretty closely as I seriously suspect he is not as unsentimental as I thought. That dog now loves him completely and goes everywhere with him.
    Not as much of a hard liner as one would think.

  2. We were once adopted by a 110lb German Shepherd who talked. He just showed up at our house and decided to move in. After a week or so I was able to find his owner. The owner said, he loves you more than he loves me. Here you go.
    Of course it turned out that he had expensive allergies, he was allergic to corn and had terrible rashes. But, he was one amazing dog!

  3. There is a family here in Clonton County just outside Wilmington who rescues dogs. They have 16 dogs each of whom has their own pillow bed, food bowl and water bowl in the 3 car garage that has been made over into a dog shelter.

    I am a wine retailer and these folks are one of my customers. I love going there to have all of those dogs make over me. I always take dog treats for them. Wonderful thing these folks are doing but expensive for sure.