Saturday, October 16, 2010

Whew, Again!

That is about all I have to say after a wild Saturday.

I went over to work at the Ledford farm and there was Brett and his new Cocker Spaniel Phoebe. Sable and he chased around awhile and then he laid on the ground and played dead. I thought he was!

Brett and I talked and the pup never got up. I said is he breathing? Bret picked him up and he said I don't think he is! I said pick him up and feel his heartbeat and he did and said it was faint. I said rub his heart and get him back to life. He perked up a little after awhile but the poor pup was faint. Really faint, to a point near death.

That's all I need, my fearless Shepherd scares a pup to death! They called back and thought he was alright but it didn't look good to me.

I was waiting with seed to fill the drill and suddenly I heard sirens. Turned out the drill caught a light wire on 68 and pulled a pole down! Wow, that is REALLY all we need right now!
He had also pulled down a Time Warner cable to a house on a side road. The deputy got there in time to follow the drill into my field.
The drill was legal heighth, I measured it for him and he said I am not citing the driver but I have to file a report in case they take civil action. The being Time Warner or Dayton Power and Light, that is. Oh, wow, something else to worry about in the future!
At least I got the fertilizer spread ahead of the drill and it will all be worked in with the cover crop planting. I found whatever left over barley, oats and wheat I got find locally as it was a last minute decsion on my part but that farm is so wet you usually don't get a chance to plant anything there in the fall. With our extremely dry weather, I got the chance and took it.
I drove to Sardinia and jump started mom's old truck and then she calls back and said some light came on and ran the battery down again! That's 30 miles one way so I get to go do it again! I wonder what light came on? That must have been what ran it down the last time.
Oh well, that was my Saturday, how was yours?

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