Saturday, October 2, 2010

Stone Marker

We found an old stone marker in a fencerow on the new farm. I can't see any writing on it but it is buried in thorns and I can't see the other side.

This big chunk of hand carved stone has to be almost 10 feet tall and over a foot wide and a foot thick. I can't imagine men carving that out of a stone quarry over 100 years ago and erecting it by horse and wagon and manpower at this location.

Clinton and Warren Counties were carved out of the old, huge Highland Territory when Ohio became a state and Clinton became a separate county 200 years ago.

Peter Winkle, six generations back, moved here from Virginia in the late 1700's before Ohio was a state. He had a son named George, then my great grandfather Isaac, then grandpa George, my dad Gerald, then me and my brother and sister and our children and grandchildren.

This stone is very near the present day Highland Clinton County lines in Highland County. I would like to erect it at the T where Fleming meets Horseshoe Road in honor of our early settlers.There is a very well kept family cemetery about a 1/4 of a mile east of that T where Horseshoe turns back south. It is a funny U shaped road that cuts off Panhandle Road, an east-west county road.

We have seen these type of markers in Indiana but I don't know of many around here although I am sure there are some around Chillicothe, the first capitol of Ohio.

It looks like a rare piece of history to me.



  1. Do you know what it originally marked at that location?

  2. No I don't. There are two elder farmers on either side of it who might have a clue but it is very near the present county line That is 200 years old. I have never seen a marker like that in these parts so it must be old and it must have been very important to someone when they put it in.