Thursday, October 14, 2010

Last Rows of Corn

We have been looking for the last rows of corn. Here is where we were a year ago today near Lee's Creek and we are many acres ahead of that pace. That is all harvested and we are almost done here at home.

We got a shower at dark, hopefully enough to quelch those nasty field and combine fires once more. I have heard of five combines gone in our area and you will be driving along and there is a burnt field.

The fire departments, who are volunteer of course, have been great and we have all been covering each other's backsides trying to avoid but report field fires. Some one just had to rake leaves and burn them in a friend's field so they wouldn't blow back on his lawn and he burned my friends bean field to the ground.

I had a little Memorial Day replant corn as low as 13% moisture which is ideal for corn in a bin. I have never seen that before.

The grass on that farm cost me money. We got the worst shelled before it rained and I think the whole farm should have been resprayed. I found an acre or two that needed replanted that I missed. It is bare so the herbicide worked too well there.

I called the vendor and said I had grass escapes on that farm back when we replanted. He supposedly looked at it and said there wasn't enough to respray. Turns out he was wrong and there was enough grass to respray.

We will find those last rows of corn soon and then go find the last rows of soybeans that were planted after the corn. Then another harvest will be finished as we continue to finish marketing, paperwork, and planning for next year.

That little shower helped the fall plantings and applications no doubt.


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