Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Physical Rehab

I am back in physical rehab for my left arm. This was my second day of it. The therapist went over all my arm and hand movements and put my hands in a chamber of finely shred corn husks. It is called FluidOTherapy.

It is a very neat machine. The machine warms up to 100 degrees F or so and you put your hands or feet in for 20 minutes and do various excercises based on your physical motion tests.

It felt great after yesterday's treatment but I feel the carpal tunnel working again just typing this. I had the most movement yesterday I have had in months.

My worst problem right now beyond lack of strength in my left arm is I can't move two fingers on my left hand. They are very rigid.

All of these treatments and excercises are supposed to help me regain some flexibility while losing some pain and they are doing just that. Not near normal but some improvement.

You can only do so much with an older, ailing body. I know I have to work with it all I can.

Enough about me. How are you? We are trying to combine our last beans in Clinton County so we can move to Fayette County and harvest my last planted soybeans.

This will take some time because it didn't happen overnight. It took 40 hard years of work to get here and many people make me look like a beginner

When I just turned the corner to home I saw my wheat nice and green sticking out of the good soybean field! That was such a pleasure just seeing that.

You can't reap if you don't plant.

It looks like our weather is turning to cooler with some moisture.


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