Monday, October 25, 2010

Short Rows

It's almost time to go the lake, we are down to the short rows! Wait a minute, I think we missed the weather for the lake!

It feels good to get a really challenging year wrapped up. There is lots to do yet before winter but the really big, bad jobs are done.

I will have 100% of land all covered Mr. Groff, the bank paid off and a little money for winter fun. Some days this year, it didn't look this good but I am so conservative I am blinded to reality worrying about the possibilities. Quite stupid, eh? It's been bred into me for centuries and pounded into my head for 60 years.

I owe it all to Les, Brad, my wife and my banker. I couldn't do this without you guys. I planned hard not to let you down but my marketing plan really stunk. I am tired beating myself up over those unforeseen blunders and ready to move on. At least we all made a profit and are able to keep going.

We have 2011 crop in the ground. That is exciting in itself. The grain people have no idea where this market is heading but the farmers have no idea how high inputs will go, either.

In a week this year is 5/6 history. Where did it go? Lots of big days and events coming up the last two months of the year. This year was a Turning Point for us, just like the name of LuAnn's 501C3.

Looks like changeable weather today through this week but the weather was really nice this weekend.

What a year!


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