Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Responsible Nutrient Management

Agro Culture Liquid Fertilizer Company, a liquid fertilizer company from Iowa started a new award area for the National NoTillage Conference three years ago. The idea is to nominate a farmer who you think is most responsibile in the managing of his nutrient load on his farm operation, keep it in the soil and into the plant and not down the river.

"The third class of no-tillers to be named Responsible Nutrient Management Practitioners will be announced Jan. 14, 2011, at the 19th annual National No-Tillage Conference. But before we can announce the winners, we need your help in nominating deserving no-tillers.

Just visit for more details of the program and to cast nominations until Friday, Nov. 18. Please note that self-nominations are accepted.

Three no-tillers will be selected by an independent panel of nutrient experts. The winning no-tillers will receive free transportation, lodging and registration to the National No-Tillage Conference in Cincinnati from Jan. 12-15, 2011, in Cincinnati, Ohio, on behalf of Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers and No-Till Farmer, the sponsors of the Responsible Nutrient Management Practitioners Program.

If you highly respect another no-tiller’s work managing nutrients on their farm, please consider nominating them today. Thank you for your consideration."

Most farmers meet this criteria but some are super sharp at plant feeding with no waste. Notill practices, on planter fertilizing, cover crops and GPS controlled lime and fertilizer spreading are just a few of the many practices these farmers use to feed their crops responsibly.

I was looking at the first two groups of recipients and I nominated one winner in each group. I have my eye on a third nomination today. This guy is a class act in top notch farming on eroded hillsides with record yields on minimal fertilizer. He has taught notill farming with liquid farming on the planter to thousands of farmers and how to inject manure safely in a no-till situation. He would be so ashamed if did something wrong he couldn't live with himself so he never does anything wrong!

You are welcome to nominate someone, anyone can nominate a farmer and any farmer can be nominated. It's just a nice thing to do for a good farmer and brings positive press to a job well done in farming.

It sure beats going to jail for 3 months for letting liquid whey for one of his hog farms flood a creek twice. Just think , we are a few steps away from going to jail to getting an award when it comes to handling all the products it takes to grow crops and livestocks on a modern day farm.


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