Monday, October 4, 2010

Eat Local!

Our state director of Agriculture asks us to eat local. We always try to but in the middle of winter, imported fruit and vegetables fills my fancy just fine.

Eating local makes good health and economical sense. I love to buy from my neighbors and we have some pretty good fruit and vegetable farms in southwest Ohio.

The last of the garden tomatoes is gone so all we have left is Red and Golden Delicious apples. They are the best I ever grew. I have red apples 4 and 5 inches in diameter! We talked about buying a cider press and an apple peeler but we haven't done it. Still, we have had some really good apple sauce and apple crisp out of them besides the apples we eat off the tree.

Here is what Mr. Boggs has to say.

"Ohio Agriculture Director Robert Boggs has extended a challenge to all Ohioans to consume local foods during the week of Oct. 2 - 8. At a kickoff celebration at the Local Roots Market and Café in Wooster, Boggs encouraged citizens to support Ohio agriculture.

"With an abundance of local food products readily available, everyone in Ohio should have access to fresh and healthy food," said Boggs. "As the department kicks of its Eat Local Challenge Week, I encourage all Ohioans to plan and prepare one meal every day using foods that are made, grown or raised in Ohio."

From dairy products to meats to fruits and vegetables, Ohio is home to a large variety of products and produce that are available in grocery stores and farm and farmers markets located across the state. Visit the department's Ohio Proud website,, to search for market locations by county or by a specific product. In addition, the site features a recipe index that is searchable by commodity.

The Eat Local Challenge Week is annually celebrated to bring awareness to Ohio's agricultural producers who grow and raise more than 200 diverse crops, to focus on the importance of supporting the local community by purchasing Ohio products, and to highlight the state's No. 1 industry – food and agriculture.

For more information or to accept the Eat Local Challenge, visit the department's website at"

Eat local when you can. It is good for you!



  1. A lot of this nation's health woes would be positively affected by taking your post title to heart. Good post!

  2. Thanks, Gorges, that makes me feel good. You know I am big on local agriculture as the sound basis of our health and lives. I shop local as much as possible and despise the big box stores, the source of ruination to me.