Friday, October 15, 2010

It's a boy!

Our daughter Becky had her baby last night just before midnight. It's a boy and he was 8 lbs. 1 oz. and 22 inches long for those of you who like to know that stuff. I guess everybody does!

He will be named soon as Will and Becky try to pick an appropriate name for him. That's really a bigger task than you think, names really affect how people are treated later on.

He has a four year old brother Liam who is our really good buddy and a beautiful sister Caolin who is one year old. I wonder what Liam will think of him? He is very good with all children, especially babies.

Will and Becky wanted to be suprised this time and not know what the baby was until it was born. I think that is pretty cool. That makes boy, girl, boy, just like my parents had. I think it is easier for the middle child to be a girl than a boy.

I don't care what they name him and I don't care if he is boy or girl and I am just happy he is healthy. Nothing worries me more than sick children. I have a lot of them on my prayer list, I can't do much about it but just give it up and pray.

This baby has heard a lot of music from the speaker and from his mother's voice. All of my family was involved in music and I was encouraged to become a professional musician when I was in school. I loved agriculture too much and that just didn't happen. But music helped me be a better learner and appreciate life more.

You can see from the picture I love babies because I love children. It has always been my goal to help the little ones be the best they can be and happy and healthy comes first.

His older brother will soon be five but mom will have her hands full for awhile with two little ones!
That is 4 boys and 4 girls in our family of grandchildren, a nice even split.

Way to go, daughter, you did another great job!




  1. Congratulations to Becky and her family on their new addition. Each one is a special blessing from God. May this one bring even more joy into everyones life that he touches. May he also be touched by those who help him to grow up to be a special young man. A very special blessing to you Grandpa on a new grandson. Don't spoil him to much. Your Cuz Jackie

  2. Gorges, Gramps is a good word around here! Thnaks! Jackie is picture perfect. Not quite like his brother, not quite like his sister. He is he! I am going to have to get used to his name Finnegan. Little Finn and I have some growing to do!